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Solid Door Investments is an Arizona based firm specializing in multi-family acquisitions. Our goal is to help our investors achieve their financial goals and build legacy wealth through investing in real estate.

Our mission is to bring clean, safe, and affordable housing to members of the community, while creating long term sustainable wealth for our investors, and partners.

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    Our group has been successful in variable market conditions, employing effective strategies for profitable property acquisitions through any market phase. “We personally hold our clients’ needs first in any market and economy.” Our passion for Real Estate is reflected in our experience and ability to find profitable investments for great people. We are known for our expertise, positive energy, creative solutions, and persistent action; enabling our organization to find the right solutions for our investors.


    Our team has a professional back ground in various aspects of real estate and currently hold positions as; Real Estate Agents, Licensed Appraiser, Licensed General Contractor, and Home Inspector. Our team has also extensively studied under some of the real estate industries best. We focused on single family as well as commercial property. Our training background ranges from recognizing emerging markets, syndication, and advanced technique such as short sells, owner finance, lease options, master leasing, wraps, subject two, assumptions, etc…


    An essential ingredient in the success of Solid Door Investments is the detailed management of commercial properties and teams in place in every market we enter, regardless of the volatility of the current market. The company seeks those with special training, knowledge, expertise and knowledge of the market which is of the utmost importance. Solid Door Investments takes a unique approach to real estate by understanding the concepts of managing the management teams, finance, and marketing for long term investments.

    Did You Know You Can Invest With Your IRA?

    Most people have no idea they can use their retirement money located in there Roth or Traditional IRA account. The Problem is many traditional brokers do not allow this type of investment. Luckily for you, we have established relationships with many Self-Directed IRA Fiduciary’s, where you can transfer money from your IRA into a qualified account and use that money to invest in Real Estate.


    Maximizing Your Profits…


    At the core of our business model, our primary focus is to identify potential cash flowing large multi-family assets with all the right opportunities to add value. We partner with lenders to arrive at a capital stack that meets our conservative underwriting. Utilizing Operations, we formulate a plan to increase occupancy and rent growth by eliminating deferred maintenance and bringing the property to its peak condition. This allows us to maximize profits for our investors and sell each property for top dollar.


    We currently solely invest in multi-family apartment buildings, one of the most recession proof segments of the Real Estate Market.


    Our company works with highly qualified property management teams with vast experience in leasing, maintenance, on-site and regional management.


    An Arizona based firm specializing in midsize apartment complex acquisitions that produce positive cash flow and strong back ends.


    Our systematic collaborative approach to performance, KPIs and people constantly elevates our communities to the highest standards possible.


    To sell your multi-family property, or to consider investing with us, please call us or email us. Alternatively, please feel free to use our contact form.

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