About Us

Solid Door Investments is an Arizona based firm specializing in multi-family acquisitions. Our goal is to help our investors achieve their financial goals and build legacy wealth through investing in real estate.

Maximizing Your Profits…
It’s What We Do!

At the core of our business model, our primary focus is to identify potential cash flowing large multi-family assets with all the right opportunities to add value. We partner with lenders to arrive at a capital stack that meets our conservative underwriting.

Utilizing Operations, we formulate a plan to increase occupancy and rent growth by eliminating deferred maintenance and bringing the property to its peak condition. This allows us to maximize profits for our investors and sell each property for top dollar.

Our Experts

Our team has a professional back ground in various aspects of real estate and currently hold positions as; Real Estate Agents, Licensed Appraiser, Licensed General Contractor, and Home Inspector.

Rebecca Stuelpnagel

Rebecca Stuelpnagel
Director of Acquisitions

Mrs. Stuelpnagel manages multi-family acquisitions, market analysis, cash flow, budget analysis, and financing. Her education, certifications, and experience include:

  • Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a major in Real Estate and Land Use Economics
  • Certified Residential Appraiser (Since 2000)
  • Licensed Realtor in Arizona
  • Background in Banking and Creative Finance
  • Buy and Hold Investor
  • Over 20 years of Real Estate Experience

Bryan Ayers

Bryan Ayers
Director of Operations

Mr. Ayers will acquire and manage a construction team for any investment property with a repositioning value add play. Mr. Ayers experience and education include:

  • Licensed Home Inspector
  • Buy and Hold Investor
  • Licensed General Contractor
  • Business owner for 12 years
  • Construction Management for over 10 years

Sumonto Ghosh

Sumonto Ghosh

  • Masters of Science in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Technology, Nagpur, India
  • Principal Engineer / Manager at Apple, Inc.
  • Licensed Realtor in California
  • Buy and Hold Investor

Did you know you can invest with your IRA?

Most people have no idea they can use their retirement money located in there Roth or Traditional IRA account. The Problem is many traditional brokers do not allow this type of investment. Luckily for you, we have established relationships with many Self-Directed IRA Fiduciary’s, where you can transfer money from your IRA into a qualified account and use that money to invest in Real Estate.

Our Promise to You

All our investment and Private Placement Memorandums are based on individual properties, and every property is different and will therefore offer different returns.


Our group has been successful in variable market conditions, employing effective strategies for profitable property acquisitions through any market phase.


Our team has extensively studied under some of the real estate industries best.


An essential ingredient in the success of Solid Door Investments is the detailed management of commercial properties


We use a cash flow centric approach, driving profits to the bottom line, while maintaining the asset.

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